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Hello, I am Robin Miller and this is my website.  Back in 2001, I was looking for more clarity in my life, and I thought it would be wise to seek the help of the Spirit World.  So, I went on a Lakota style Vision Quest ... 4 days and nights, alone in the wilderness, with no food or water.  I took ... 405 prayer ties, a Taos Drum, the songs in my heart, and a personal Prayer Pipe.  In return, I was gifted with four straight days of cold, yet cleansing rains ... and a wisdom beyond reckoning.

Thoughts on Native American Wisdom

I shared my deepest thoughts and dreams with the creatures of forest and field ... hoping the Spirit World would be listening too.  I prayed for everyone I have ever known ... I prayed for Mother Earth and Father Sky too.  I prayed with all of my heart, and all of my songs ... for a Spirit Vision ...that I might better understand my purpose here.  You see I wanted to know if I had left anything undone ... and if so, I wanted to do those things ... in a good way.

Thoughts on Native American Teachings

I want you to know these four days of prayer in the wilderness were really never about me at all.  I have seen what is happening to this world ... to its many cultures ... to its ecosystems ... and to its inhabitants.  In my heart there is a deep sadness that we have learned to mistreat our brothers and sisters ... we have polluted our waters and our air ... and our food comes from soils that are seriously depleted and are full of artificially created chemicals.

Thoughts on Native American Culture and Beliefs

Then just as the tears began to rain down my face ... it happened ... the spirits came ... and I was overwhelmed.  I was told that through me, a book would be written and the wisdoms ... needed at this time ... would be shared.  I was told there are many people like me ... looking for guidance ... looking for a better understanding of purpose.

Thoughts on Spirituality and  Perspectives

And so, in earnest, I embarked on a journey to write this book for the Spirit World.  For five years I labored ... I wrote ... and I wrote ... and I wrote some more.  But, to me, I was simply not smart enough ... and the pages I had worked so hard to complete ... were nothing more than gibberish.  Finally, I felt I had no choice but to go back to the Spirit World in another Vision Quest ... and admit that I had failed.  I explained to them that I had no writing experience and was probably not the right person for this task.

Thoughts on Earth Based Ethics

They explained ... that my ego had misinterpreted their original instructions.  They did not want me to write a book ... the book was to write itself, through me.  They explained that I needed to get my ego and my pride out of the way ... and open myself up to their Spirit Dreamscapes.  Shortly after that second Vision Quest ... Four Warriors of the Wolf Clan began to visit my dreams on a regular basis.  Over the course of many months ... in many night dreams and in many day dreams ... they taught me how to release that ego thing.

Thoughts on The Rules of Nature's Balance

My life path was redirected ... toward the keepers of wisdom ... and the aspects of the truth they intended to share.  My ego slowly moved aside as I received more and more of their teachings ... and the book Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather wrote itself ... just as the Spirit World had told me.

A Prayer Feather ... Offering Help and Hope

So what the book offers ... are Spirit Teachings, like that!   It is there ... to be discovered by those who are in need of a new and guiding perspective.  Yet, that guiding perspective is not in the written words themselves ... but in the paths those words will open into your personal truths!

Your Role ... as the Reader

You have a purpose ... and a challenge, in this too!  Most readers focus their attentions on trying to understand what the author wants to convey ... and that is not the intention of this work.  The craft involved in these writings is about what is in your mind ... and the words are intended to act as a catalyst; a vehicle through which you can discover more about how you truly feel.  The book itself acts as a reference; a go between.  It is partially about the old ways, partially about the way things are today, partially about the Spirit World, and partially about our purpose for being here.  It is, in every important way, about you ... and certainly not about me.

So do not rush through your readings.  What you come away with will be in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend exploring your own mind, as revealed through the words on those pages.  Pursue those realities ... as you would any path that knowingly leads to your bliss.

From the teachings I have received, I do know this.  If you have found this message ... you have also found a path to the answers you seek!  Feel free to share your thoughts and questions via email.  I will be happy to respond to any inquiries that come in a good way. 

So take a personal voyage ... read ... Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather, by Red Moon Hombre.

The book offers a unique vision of my thoughts on Native American Wisdom, on Native American Teachings, on Native American Culture, and on Native American Beliefs from a very personal and a very spiritual perspective.  It is Earth Based Wisdom and deals in the rules of natural balance ... a balance to which we must return if we expect to survive as a species.

......... Robin Miller