Insights into Native American Wisdom, Beliefs, and Teachings
About the Author

Red Moon Hombre ... Offers His Thoughts on Native American Teachings and Beliefs

Red Moon Hombre is a benevolent entity from the Spirit World who, through Robin Miller, wishes to share his deepest, most heartfelt, and personal reflections on Native American Teachings and Culture.  In particular he would like for our modern civilization to understand the interpretations of nature that were so much a part of the "old ways" his people believed in and held in trust for future generations.  There is no magic, no superstition, and no religious dogma or doctrines to adopt.  Red Moon Hombre simply and graciously points to a time when the life-practice of his people was one of balance and respect; not just "for" nature, but "from within" nature as co-participants in the Great Circle of Life.  But these beliefs have give way to a new society with a new order of importance; a society that believes in the relentless and systematic raiding of nature's bounty, a society whose own experts and advisors tell them that the economic theory of resource extraction is not sustainable.  The book Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather is a gentle rendering of these thoughts ... but what you begin to hears in your mind as you read ... is the pain felt by a people who love this earth as an newborn loves the beat of his mother's heart.

Robin Miller ... Interprets the Significance of Native American Wisdom

Robin Miller spent 4 days and nights alone in the wilderness, with no food and no water, seeking a vision to explain his recurring dreams and visions.  It was a Lakota style vision quest ... and he took 405 prayer ties, a Taos Drum, and a personal prayer pipe; hoping to clarify his purpose in life and asking for spiritual guidance.

The Spirit World did not disappoint!  Robin was gifted with what he calls a Thought Field.  It was a "whole idea complex" containing the entire bulk of materials needed for the title book ... but it was still in its "Spirit Form" ... without words, pictures, sounds, or any physical aspect of structure.  It has taken 8 years to fully integrate and translate this material into written form.

"This is my Prayer Feather ... an offering to the world, intended to reopen the perspective of humanity as a partner in the Earth project" Robin comments.

The Spirit Trail ... to the essence of Native American Culture

Very few people remember that defining childhood moment when they became self-aware for the very first time. Fewer still, have vivid memories of a previous life ... as an American Indian during what has been termed the "horse culture" period.  Now consider adding a childhood experience with a time vortex and a Black Hills South Dakota Indian village from almost two hundred years ago. Then tie it all together with a 2001 vision quest, a powerful yet benevolent spirit entity, and a Thought Field that was to become a written piece of illuminating art.  Yes, very few people have been so rewarded, not only with success, but with an entourage of teachers and guides to help understand the process and to share the experience. Robin's Spirit Trail was not intended to be a stand-alone or private thing, it was to be shared with everyone who feels the pressure of these trying modern times.

Affiliations and Native Spirituality

Not surprisingly, the Native community has honored Robin with some powerful recognition for his dedication to the Red Road and Traditional Native Ways.  In a tribally sanctioned naming ceremony Robin was given a Spirit Name; which in Native Customs is the name he uses in all of his prayers to Creator.  A Tribal Holy Man has made him a Pipe Carrier through the gift of a Ceremonial Pipe, with all of the appropriate Native Teachings, and all of the responsibilities it entails.  Robin is the carrier of "Medicine Hawk" the Tribal Healing Flute; and is a recognized healing practitioner.  He is also a gifted musician, teacher, and a member of the International Native American Flute Association.  He is the facilitator for the Healing Earth Native American Flute Circle meeting on a weekly basis at the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian in Evanston Illinois.  Plus in 2008, Robin was named Firekeeper Chief for the Two Feathers Medicine Clan  and the Illinois Sundance Celebration.   Robin has been a recognized member of the Native American Church for over ten years.