Insights into Native American Wisdom, Beliefs, and Teachings
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Songs of the Shaman: The Path of the Feather

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Modern Scientific Wisdom

Modern science has been working for some time toward what they call a unified theory ... of everything.  What they want is a single equation that they can manipulate ... perhaps even corrupt ... to do their bidding.  But in their testing and research they have come across a very interesting anomaly.  The act of testing itself, at the most basic levels of matter, actually skews the results.  Their conclusion is that matter, in some unknown way, is affected by our thoughts.  And while science has yet to suggest the idea ... one might conclude there is something, or someone, out there ... acting out the part of an overall organizing entity.

Insights into Native American Wisdom and Teachings

Songs of the Shaman, The Path of the Feather is about those invisible connections between physical reality and thought (spiritual) reality; from a Native viewpoint.  It involves a very personal description of how the mechanics of this relationship works.  But this is not just a set of beliefs floated by a little known author ... for you to agree or disagree with.  It is a set of perspectives designed to help you come to your own conclusions.

Insights into Native American Beliefs

Imagine if you will that a sage old Native Warrior Spirit, in the full wisdom of his years, was to sit down with you and explain the ancient ways of his people.  At first you are convinced he will describe a primitive people who fear and perhaps even worship false deities, practice horrible acts of savagery, and live a life of abject poverty.  Yet his innermost feelings and the descriptions of the ways of his people could not be further removed from what you had expected.  You find instead that his people lived a difficult existence when compared to what you are accustomed to, yet they live in a full state of grace within their surroundings.  In fact, while they lived in what most people consider to be "the wilderness", they did not live in opposition to nature as we do.  They embraced every aspect of nature through the wisdoms of the interactions they saw between every living thing and the natural processes and rhythms of the earth.  These were processes and rhythms that they referred to as the Great Circle of life because everything appeared to exist through overlapping and inter-influential loops; each thing reflecting back upon itself in terms of its place in the overall sphere of the living earth environment.  Could there even be ... a life philosophy more beautiful than that?

Insights into Native American Culture

Humans, and for that matter every other physical manifestation, exist as but one of the many functioning and contributing parts of a greater matrix; and that matrix is Mother Earth.  The earth matrix, as we know it today, is the result of the interactions of all of its constituent parts, since the beginning of time.  The air, the water, the soil, and the protective atmosphere are all part of a self imposed protective shell that does not exist anywhere else in the known universe.  It is a protective shell that somehow has managed to support life ... and this little piece of "self-management" is seen by Native Peoples as something that is worthy of great respect.  Walking this trail ... showing and living within the intensity of this respect ... is called "The Red Road".   

The Book and Where it Leads

No single culture is perfect, but Songs of the Shaman takes a humbling look at what the original inhabitants of this continent knew ... and we have somehow lost.  It offers a unique opportunity to review our perspectives and rethink how we are behaving in terms of our place in the great living matrix of the earth. Native Americans seem to have been among the last peoples to understand the true meaning and consequences of the matrix ... and how to live in relative harmony with such precepts.

The book offers a very unique and personal review of Native American Wisdom, of Native American Teachings, of Native American Culture, and of Native American Beliefs; a deep and thought provoking set of perspectives.

......... Robin Miller