Insights into Native American Wisdom, Beliefs, and Teachings
Mother Earth ... Father Sky

People of the Earth!


With every step we take ... Creator is at our side.  
No thought, no word, no prayer, and no deed ... 
Takes wing without Creator's knowledge.
But Creator is perfect and places no judgments upon us.  
Instead, Creator has given us this single planet and the Great Circle of Life ...
To mirror our wisdom ... and to hold the artifacts of our ways.
There is no need of judgment.  What we think and do circles back upon us.
We live within the remnants of our cultural and spiritual heritage.
And this past offers some important predictors for our future.
Study the material in the links offered below.
If you don't like what you see ... ask your heart ... it will know what to do!
You have control over just one thing in life.
And that is how to use the time you have been given on this planet.
You can't hope that someone else will care ... you need to care!
You can't expect someone else to act ... you need to act!
You can't wait till later ... the only time you control is what we call "now"!

Check the links below ... and ask your heart what to do!

Chem trails ... What are they spraying into our air, our water, and our soil?

Fracking ... Deep sea drilling isn't safe ... so why would we think fracking is safe?

The Drug Industry ... It isn't about good health ... or a  cure ... it's about profit?

Oil Extraction ... Extract profits now ... leave cleanup costs for the public, later!

Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How! ... That just about covers it ... Yes?

Money Masters ... Who is really running things (and it isn't the government)?

The Corporation ... If you think you know what a corporation is ... think again!

The Secret Life of Garbage ... They hall it away, but it's never really gone?

Who on earth is Edward Bernays ... Why should we care?  You'll see!

United Nations Agenda 21 ... The UN plan for your future ... whether you like it or not!

Your Vote ... If voting actually made any difference ... they would make it illegal! (1 of 3)

The Tax Farm ... Incredible ... just incredible ... and we volunteered for this?

Free Press ... Great idea ... it just doesn't work like that any more!

Water ... Should it be a commodity ... or a part of the right to life?

About Tomorrow ... OK, it's a cartoon but it explains it all very nicely!

Farmageddon ... The truth about the food and dairy industries!

Thrive ... Check this website and video ... to find the pathways back to freedom!

Humans As A Resource; Via Social Engineering ... is this a good idea?  You decide!

GMO Foods ... are they OK ... and if so why don't they want to label them as such?