Insights into Native American Wisdom, Beliefs, and Teachings

2.1 There was a time ... when The Master of life spoke to us exclusively through the Mystery Songs ... of the plants, and the animals, and the seasons.
2.2 The First Peoples knew these songs well ... for the wisdoms in all songs were shared freely ... throughout all creation.
2.3 Those people were the grandfathers of the grandfathers ... who in some long forgotten past ... taught the fathers of our fathers.
2.4 Yet, today, no one knows ... what ... of those original teachings may still remain.
2.5 We had learned to be patient observers ... from the owl.
2.6 We had learned to build the lake of our dreams ... from the beaver.
2.7 The oak taught us courage ... to stand alone against the storm, if we must ... arms raised in prayer, yet still offering the shelter of our branches to those in need.
2.8 The bear taught us the use of power and agility.
2.9 The buffalo taught us the skills of the hunt ... to take only what we need ... and nothing more!
3.10 The coyote taught us to be crafty and gave us our sense of humor, too.
2.11 The wolf became our guardian ... the hawk, our eyes in the sky.
2.12 And Eagle ... Eagle taught us to soar ... in our hearts, and our minds, and our bodies, and our spirits.
2.13 And these teachings ... these offerings ... these songs ... became the nourishment for our souls.
2.14 And we were humbled by the fact that the very ground where we laid our blankets to rest ...
2.15 Was made from the dust, and the blood, and the bones ... of every grandmother and every grandfather that passed before us.
2.16 That soil made rich ... through their final act of giving. Soil that ... to this very day ... is still sacred to Native Peoples!