Insights into Native American Wisdom, Beliefs, and Teachings

    Alice Landry

Hollistic Wellness Examiner

Songs of the Shaman offers insights into

Native American wisdom

In 2001 Robin Miller questioned his life's purpose and embarked on a Lakota-style vision quest to unveil a deeper perspective.

After four days and nights of intense prayer and reflection, Miller connected with the spiritual realm and realized his ultimate role was to bring forth ancient, spiritual insights into a desperate, modern world.

Miller attempted to write a book on Native American wisdom over the next five years. Finally detaching from ego-based influences, he traversed the realm of spirits again on a second vision quest.

What Miller discovered was that he was to be a channel through which the book was eventually to write itself. A higher understanding and greater knowledge was yearning to be heard and written and he was the conduit.

The product, Songs of the Shaman: The Path of the Feather, is actually authored by a spiritual entity known as Red Moon Hombre. Partnering with Miller as the physical channel, Red Moon Hombre delivers messages with profound insights and potential impacts on today's cultures and societies.

Songs of the Shaman is intended to be read and re-read in order to peel back the layers of truth and to ignite a powerful desire to heal the Earth and humanity in general.

Presented as twenty-three chapters with numerous short verses encompassing each, Miller's and Red Moon Hombre's book offers subtle yet potent reminders of how Native American cultures show respect to and reverence for the Earth and how they commune with the natural and spiritual worlds.

The following are selected excerpts from Songs of the Shaman:

  • Peace can be found in the realms of truth, acceptance, and purity. And truth, acceptance, and purity ... are found in the silent places ... in those quiet personal moments ... of every day.
  • Wake up! The miracle of the light ... is not something that comes to us exclusively on Sunday mornings in church.
  • The legend of The Seventh Fire represents the now time of the children. They bring new songs ... theirs, will be a new "old way."

From Amazon:  Standing in Both Worlds ... a review by E. Davis

Songs of the Shaman is a powerful collection of verses for anyone who wonders why our human societies are self-destructing. The poetic form is perfect, because there is no word-for-word translation from the world of our ancestors to the insane world of modern post-civilization. These are different worlds, indeed, just as different as the world of young parents playing with their newborn child vs. the world of corporate acquisitions and mergers. We humans can not continue to live in a world increasingly driven by pseudo-human beings called corporations. They are not found in nature, but were created for limited joint ventures and have continued to grow and consume our humanity.

This book is not so political, but it points in the direction of some of our problems and some of the thought forms that keep us from living more fully human. It is a good book, an important journey for one who wishes to look beyond the current society in which they live.